In the News: Orlando Bloom Bought on Franklin

••• Actor Orlando Bloom has bought at 155 Franklin, where Taylor Swift is living. Didn’t he used to rent Peter Jackson’s place, which is the one Swift bought? So presumably he knows the building well. Anyway, it’s handy for the paparazzi. —New York Post

••• “Cortland Way (the extension of Cortland Street west of Church Street) will open in August.” From a Broadsheet article about what city agencies are doing or not doing about the influx of buses and people now that the 9/11 Museum has opened. Also: “Liberty Street (between Greenwich and Church Streets) will soon be torn up for several months to allow for the installation of underground cables” for 4WTC.

••• Pier A “will not open until late July or early August [and] when the pier does open, only the first floor will be ready initially.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• 56 Walker is happening again. —The Real Deal

••• Governors Island finally has potable water. —Daily News

••• Actress Jenny Mollen, who lives in Tribeca, shares where she ate—the Copenhagen, Bâtard—in the Grub Street Diet. Maybe she should do the TCQ&A…. Hey, Jenny! Do the TCQ&A! It might move a few books.