1WTC Has a New Lighting Trick

Thanks to Albert C. Lee for tweeting over this photo of 1 World Trade Center last night—as you can see, the vents now light up. (Why? Because they can.) First the spire/antenna, then the base, now this…. Could the diagonal edges be next?

P.S. “The vents are included in the final design,” explained Chris in a comment back in April, 2013. “They house the equipment that is traditionally on the top of buildings and allow air flow into those floors.”

1 World Trade Center by Albert C Lee



  1. When it launches itself into space I’ll be impressed :-)

  2. Does anyone know if the vent lighting has multiple color options (as does the spire and the base)?

  3. i’m so ,so, glad about this…….i thought it was going to be a black band around the top, that i hated….and thought was a major design error….so glad to see this