Shadowland (Vol. 5)

Woolworth Building shadow on 7WTC 22414shadow Washington Street 5613shadow nmoore 7813shadow reade I think 42513shadow crane Church 4713shadow tree harrisonish 4413shadow lamp vestry maybe 61813shadow warren 4214shadow Church 4614shadow tree Hudson 5714Previously:
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  1. There will be nothing but shadows pretty soon with all of the high rise construction going on!

  2. i live on leonard street and am surrounded on all sides by new construction and renovation, i find it depressing to even go out its all around me, i see nothing but scaffolding on just about every corner and construction workers. its noisy and dirty. the herzog and de meuron building going up on my street has obstructed my light. i find myself in a bad mood all the time, just anticipating having to do errands etc. walk the dog. sometimes i just feel that the neighborhood is just getting ready for “the rich people” who will not even be living here full time, or probably even part time. the greed just baffles. and please don’t tell me that new york is always changing blah blah blah.