Seen & Heard: The Smyth Hotel Is Getting a Facelift

••• Looks like the Smyth hotel—and its forthcoming Carmellini restaurant—is planning on blending in a bit more with the neighborhood, if the above rendering is any indication. (Click to enlarge.) The updated look “fuses warm architectural elements and mid-century modern design by celebrated interior design firm Gachot, with […] new food and beverage programming by James Beard award-winning Chef Andrew Carmellini and his partners Josh Pickard and Luke Ostrom. Renovations will also include a light refresh of the hotel’s 100 guestrooms, including the expansive Penthouse and Smyth Suite. During the transition, Smyth Tribeca will remain open for hotel stays with exclusive guest access to the luxurious Penthouse and Terrace as a temporary guest lounge. Hotel renovations are slated for completion in late 2014.”

••• Downtown Boathouse is on track to start offering free kayaking from its new home at Pier 26 as of Friday. “We got the permit to the boathouse yesterday morning and started paddling boats down from Pier 40 in the afternoon,” emailed president Graeme Birchall. “We will be bringing more kayaks down this afternoon. On Wednesday we will hire a truck to move our other gear. We have a lot of work to do before Friday, but we are on schedule to open.”

••• The comment thread on that post about alleged corruption at the Washington Market Park tennis court turned into a bit of classic.

••• Marla commented that she heard Kim’s Dry Cleaners—on the same strip as the defunct Ashiya Sushi—is moving to Canal Street.

••• Press release: “Tugboats: Workhorses of New York Harbor, an exhibit of photographs by John Skelson, may be viewed from July 5 to 31 on board the museum ship Lilac at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25. Visitors can see the exhibit during regular hours of Thursdays 4:00 to 7:00 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 to 7:00 PM and during special events, weather permitting.  Admission is free.”

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  1. Erik, what’s the source of the Smyth rendering?

    And is that an enclosed sidewalk cafe on the southern side of the entrance? Some months ago they had an official notice posted in those windows declaring their intent, but it never showed up on the CB1 Tribeca Committee agenda as far as I could tell.

  2. I’ve been staying at the Smyth since July of 2009 and like it just as it is, although I look forward to trying the new restaurant when it opens. Hope the fabulous red chairs remain after the refresh of the guest rooms. If not, I want to be first in line to put in a bid for one.