Seen & Heard: Steven Alan Home Is Not Closing Just Yet

Steven Alan Home Shop••• Steven Alan Home Shop has decided to postpone its move to Williamsburg. It’ll be around through the end of the year.

••• Superman is out; Batman is in (at  least at the Ricky’s on Broadway).

••• The Bullett Shop pop-up on Walker has closed.

••• Adoro Lei,  the pizzeria coming to the former Antarctica space at 287 Hudson, has put up some signage (it’s the flag with the hearts on it). The word is that it’ll open in September.

••• The Strawberry on Broadway (between Warren and Murray) is closing.

••• “Noticed something odd on the WTC,” emailed Archie. “The highest vent shaft appears red.” It does indeed; click to enlarge to see it better. Anyone know why?

1WTC red vent