About Pastis…

We know that Keith McNally (Balthazar, Pastis, the new Cherche Midi, et al) is opening a restaurant at the Beekman Hotel at 5 Beekman, and the early word had been that it’d be meat-focused. And we know Pastis has closed. And yesterday Eater reported that P.J. Clarke’s was saying that Brookfield wanted it out to make room for Pastis—something I pointed out was unlikely, given the French-themed Le District extravaganza opening across the plaza. Plus, even McNally, a master at set design, might balk at the prospect of making a Brookfield Place space feel like it had history and charm.

I now hear something, on very good authority, that seems obvious if you connect the dots: Pastis is opening in the Beekman Hotel.

5 Beekman



  1. This is amazing news and will be a game changer for the neighborhood.

  2. There goes my waistline. Hope they deliver to the gehry.

  3. Gosh that would be fabulous!

  4. This made my night. Pastis’s sautĂ©ed veal cutlet with brocolli rabe is my favorite entree in the city.

  5. That would be awesome! Our corner of the “hood” really needs a lift in good dining. And now we have to counter-act Dennys!