About Pastis…

We know that Keith McNally (Balthazar, Pastis, the new Cherche Midi, et al) is opening a restaurant at the Beekman Hotel at 5 Beekman, and the early word had been that it’d be meat-focused. And we know Pastis has closed. And yesterday Eater reported that P.J. Clarke’s was saying that Brookfield wanted it out to make room for Pastis—something I pointed out was unlikely, given the French-themed Le District extravaganza opening across the plaza. Plus, even McNally, a master at set design, might balk at the prospect of making a Brookfield Place space feel like it had history and charm.

I now hear something, on very good authority, that seems obvious if you connect the dots: Pastis is opening in the Beekman Hotel.

5 Beekman



  1. This is amazing news and will be a game changer for the neighborhood.

  2. There goes my waistline. Hope they deliver to the gehry.

  3. Gosh that would be fabulous!

  4. This made my night. Pastis’s sautéed veal cutlet with brocolli rabe is my favorite entree in the city.

  5. That would be awesome! Our corner of the “hood” really needs a lift in good dining. And now we have to counter-act Dennys!