Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar
225 Liberty St.
(bet. Vesey and Liberty)

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar feels more at home at Hudson Eats than the other restaurants, in good part because sushi doesn’t really want warmth or patina. The food court’s clean-bordering-on-sterile atmosphere suits it perfectly. The takeout and dine-in experiences are totally different. For takeout, you choose between prepackaged sushi or a bowl, which gets filled in the assembly-line style so popular at fast-casual restaurants these days. You choose a starch (rice or soba) and either two vegetable dishes or one fish (chopped and marinating in dressing) and one vegetable. As for the 16-seat sushi counter, while you do get the traditional “Irasshaimase!” welcome, you also get a wet towelette wrapped in plastic. The menu, not on the website, is far more expansive than the takeout version. Be warned: The prices at the counter are more than you might expect for the food-court setting.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar dragon rollBlue Ribbon Sushi BarBlue Ribbon Sushi Bar takeout veg bowl