In the News: Cortlandt Way Has Opened

••• From a New York Times op-ed on the South Street Seaport: “What we don’t need, in a place whose uniqueness attracts the world, is another sterile development that further reduces Manhattan to an overstuffed version of every other city in the country.”

••• The Whole Burger counter at Whole Foods is open and it serves fries and milkshakes (including vegan ones). —DNAinfo

••• Tribeca resident Jane Pratt kept a food diary for Grub Street. It includes Kaffe 1668, Smith & Mills (“I had the cheeseburger and the market salad and French toast”), and Wolfgang’s (ordered in). P.S. The TCQ&A invitation still stands, Jane…. xoErik

Cortlandt Way rendering screengrab••• “On [last] Friday, New Yorkers will be able to do something they have not done in nearly half a century: stand on the corner of Cortlandt and Greenwich. It will be the first recreated street intersection on what had been the monolithic World Trade Center site, the first three-dimensional expression of a long-sought goal to reintegrate the 16-acre site with the rest of Lower Manhattan. […] Only the south side of [pedestrian-only] Cortlandt Way, running along the nearly finished 4 World Trade Center, will be open for the time being. The north side is not likely to open for at least two years, as 3 World Trade Center nears completion.” —New York Times

••• “It’s that time of year again, when the Battery Park City Authority board of directors wonders how much the Connection bus run by the Downtown Alliance is costing the BPCA, and whether that cost is reasonable.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• “At Thursday’s meeting of the Battery Park City Authority board of directors, one member voiced grave concerns about pedestrian safety at the intersection of West and Liberty Streets.” —Broadsheet

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  1. . . . And now it’s closed. I assumed it was temporary because they were working on a sidewalk grating there but it hasn’t been open the last few times I tried. This morning a guard told me it was because they’re putting up a crane for the work on tower 3. Which answers my other question: how were they going to keep it open while they’re working on 3? It’s so narrow to begin with and I don’t think I’d want to use it with that kind of construction going on overhead anyway.