In the News: 3 World Trade Center Construction Has Resumed

••• “Work has resumed atop the seven-story podium base of 3 WTC. Passersby on Church Street have noticed concrete-form work on the roof to prepare for installation of a tower crane, which will do the heavy lifting for the 80-story skyscraper. It does not yet portend full construction, which awaits Larry Silverstein securing a construction loan. […] Silverstein says the Richard Rogers-designed tower will be finished by early 2018.” Also, Steve Cuozzo explains why the opening of Cortlandt Way is important: “Although the stepped new passageway between Church and Greenwich streets has an alley-like feel—scrunched between 4 WTC and the base of 3 WTC—it’s been throbbing with energy since it opened on Friday.” Sounds painful. “For the first time, strollers can reach the Memorial from Church Street without having to take a maddeningly circuitous route to West Street.” —New York Post

••• “Two good Samaritans dove into the East River to rescue a Pier 16 dock worker who was knocked into the water by a rope from a departing New York Water Taxi boat Monday, police said.The 24-year-old New York Water Taxi employee keeled over into the water after a rope and metal cleat snapped off the company’s high-speed Shark water ride, striking him in the chin while it was motoring away.” —DNAinfo

••• That big Hudson Market deli is now going to be in Chelsea, not west Soho. —New York Post

••• An interview with Locanda Verde pastry chef Kierin Baldwin. —Grub Street

••• The New York Times kicks off its “review” of the La Garçonne boutique with this:

OF ALL THE MANY pockets of fresh new money in New York, TriBeCa must be the freshest, the cleanest, the most insulated from the world’s horrors—even those enshrined in immediate proximity. “It’s a microclimate,” said an esteemed author I met at the still-chugging Odeon the other night, feeling very “Bright Lights, Big City” (though we were not sneaking off to do lines of blow in the bathroom but nursing tame little glasses of sauvignon blanc at our table).

There are the hairless, tan banker man-hulks, jogging in or out of Flywheel, the indoor cycling studio. There are the bedding—pardon me, “high-performance sleep system”—stores with mattresses the size of small yachts. And now there is La Garçonne.

I could rip this into shreds, but all I’m going to say is: “Hairless, tan banker man-hulks”?


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  1. Who knew the NY Times was now offering ‘humorous’ reviews? I can’t tell whether this is snark or satire. It reads ugly to me either way.