Seen & Heard: Neat Timelapse Video of 1 World Trade Center

••• From photographer Ben Rosamond: “A few years ago Tribeca Citizen kindly posted a link to my One World Trade Center Time Lapse Kickstarter page. I recently completed a short version of the video and wanted to share it with you:” It’s definitely worth watching—the end might even change your mind about the strobe light atop 1WTC.

Chambers mailboxes by A••• “Our mailboxes are back!” emailed A. about the mailboxes at Chambers and Broadway. And sure enough: “The right one is either stuck or full.”

••• Michael wondered when the unfinished part of Hudson River Park between Hubert and N. Moore, to the west of the bike path (next to the new dog park), will be finished. A rep at the Hudson River Park Trust said that the area has been used for construction of Pier 26 and its restaurant, and now that the restaurant has been awarded (still no announcement as to who got it so don’t ask), the restaurateur will likely use that area for the buildout (because the space is handed over pretty raw). In other words, the area in question probably won’t be done till spring.

••• K. emailed this morning to ask if I had seen a menu yet for Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar at Brookfield Place (no), and so she went for lunch and sent them over. The first two are the dine-in menus; the bottom one is takeout.

Blur Ribbon Sushi Bar dine in menu1Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar dine in menu2Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar takeout menu



  1. Also available here:

  2. Oooooh, look at those virgin mailboxes!! I can’t wait to tag them! Or poster them!! Or sticker them! Or urinate on them!!! How else do you get respect in this hood?!