Seen & Heard: New Flower Shop

This is another one of those Seen & Heard posts where most of the items have images, so don’t stop scrolling until you hit the comments.

••• I hear that the Q Cigars space on Church (next to Sole di Capri) is going to be a flower shop. I could only take a photo of part of the storefront because Sole di Capri is spreading out its sidewalk seating a bit while the flower shop undergoes work.

Q Cigars flower shop••• The reader known as Hudson River commented on Cortlandt Way’s ballyhooed opening: “Now it’s closed. I assumed it was temporary because they were working on a sidewalk grating there but it hasn’t been open the last few times I tried. This morning a guard told me it was because they’re putting up a crane for the work on tower 3. Which answers my other question: how were they going to keep it open while they’re working on 3? It’s so narrow to begin with and I don’t think I’d want to use it with that kind of construction going on overhead anyway.”

••• Can we agree that 93 Worth’s penthouse topper is among the best of its kind?

93 Worth topper••• Vicki G commented that “about 20 trees” were being installed yesterday on West Street, along BMCC. Maybe we can get them to save a few for W. Broadway by the Con Ed substation (I emailed Con Ed to see what the community could do to help, but they never responded) or to N. Moore, by the Greenwich Hotel/Locanda Verde, where something has really harmed the trees.

NMoore tree••• Something called “Bluff” is filming in the Franklin/Varick vicinity on Thursday. Canadian cop TV drama or indie film?

••• Those of you with harbor views should pay special attention to this press release: “19 teams of amateur club sailors from 14 nations will come together from August 15 to 17 to compete in the Sixth Dennis Conner International Yacht Club Challenge organized by the NY Harbor Sailing Foundation. The races will take place on boats borrowed from the Manhattan Yacht Club and will take place at North Cove, the mega yacht marina in Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan. The three-day spectacular will feature a daily series of hour-long races in New York Harbor. All of the races will begin and end at Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse located in the harbor, near Ellis Island.”

••• Demolition appears to be starting at 45 Park Place and 49-51 Park Place, home to a 39-story (!) condo tower and a three-story Islamic museum designed by Jean Nouvel.

45 and 49-51 Park Place••• While the comments about how Stellar Management had no idea that there had been a fire at IPN were worrisome for residents, to say the least, this comment from “34th floor” should give everyone pause: “Alarms on the 34th floor did not go off during the fire itself, at least not for the first 30-45 minutes. They have since been beeping for two days straight with no sign of them turning off. It honestly sounds like a carbon monoxide alarm. There is still smoke in the stairwells. I actually ran through the smoke in the stairwell from 34 down to 1. When I came out the stairwells via service entrance (there are no signs telling you where to go) the cops looked at me like I had ten heads and had no idea there were exits that led anywhere besides the lobby. I had to stop on floor ~7-9 and tell firemen where other residents were located in the stairwell who were struggling. Rather than give me any assistance when I exited the building they asked me to clean myself off (with what?) because the ash and smoke had turned my face and shirt black and ‘we don’t want people to be frightened.’ Sure, because running through at least 12 flights of stairs that were more smoke than air was a calming experience. I guess I reached a zen state somewhere near the 5th floor. I’ve put in a maintenance request notifying them that I will alert the FDNY if it’s not resolved.” Consider this a public service announcement: Know where your exits are! The city is relentless about fire drills for office buildings, but when it comes to residential ones, the burden is on you.

••• The Patriot Saloon is undergoing renovations, if you want to let your mom know.



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  1. More disturbing about the IPN fire is why people from high floors were going down the stairways at all and not staying in their apartments, doors shut. I understand the instinct and fear, but this seems to be a big mistake to me.