Seen & Heard: Bikini Bar Is Reopening

This is another one of those Seen & Heard posts where most of the items have images, so don’t stop scrolling until you hit the comments.

••• Bikini Bar is reopening Aug. 25—with baked goods made in house.

••• It’s looking much likelier that a (temporary) tennis court is indeed being built at Canal and Varick to promote the U.S. Open. UPDATE: There’s now zero doubt—see P.’s photo…. And note the stands to the left.

US Open tennis court at 76 Varick courtesy P••• Vicki Winters sent over this photo—a different view of the Silver Sliver, a.k.a. 19 Park Place.

19 Park Place courtesy Vicki Winters @mybigfatmouth

••• I had never noticed that the concrete parts of 56 Leonard have concave edges. Plus, for posterity’s sake, here’s a shot from Hudson.

56 Leonard concave detail56 Leonard••• Baked is now saying it’ll open the first half of October.

••• Brookfield Place’s Vesey Street entrance is, uh, coming along.

Brookfield Place Vesey entrance••• I tried the gelato at the A.B. Biagi cart inside Espasso—I went for the “Romeu & Julieta” flavor (it’s ricotta and guava) because I couldn’t get it anywhere else—and then I learned that A.B. Biagi has a shop on Elizabeth. Anyway, there are worse ways to spend 10 minutes than eating ice cream and admiring the wares at Espasso.

••• Warren 77 has a new sign.

Warren 77 sign••• The plywood came down from around the Greenwich part of Sterling Mason—if I remember correctly, that frontage will be commercial.

Sterling Mason••• A flyer for the shoot for “Bluff” says it’s an ABC Studios project—so it’s not likely to be the independent film….



  1. Does anyone know if they are renovating / converting the Cary Building on 105 Chambers (on Chambers and Chuch) or what’s going on there? They just covered the whole building with scaffolding…