Pier A Harbor House: The Lay of the Land

Pier A logoThe folks at Pier A Harbor House (“established 1886”) sent a PDF brochure over to Pen Parentis‘s M.M. De Voe, who had so kindly taken many photos inside Pier A. It explains what will be where in the 28,000-square-foot facility….

Ground floor

The short version, if you just don’t feel like clicking to enlarge: The Long Hall (pun intended?) is a big beer hall; the Oyster Bar is what it sounds like; the Promenade is outdoor dining. The whole floor can hold 600 guests, and there’s also a coffee bar, gallery, and visitor’s center. I think we can assume that the right side of the floor plan corresponds to where the pier starts.

Pier A ground floor descriptionPier A ground floor floorplanAnd there are renderings of the Long Hall and Oyster Bar, which I think we’ve already seen (that big black choker rings a bell), but they’re worth repeating.

Pier A ground floor long hall rendering Pier A ground floor oyster bar rendering

Second floor

“A fine-dining experience will unfold in a honeycomb of intimate rooms”—with seating for 132 guests, as well as the State Room (private dining for 60 guests). Plus, there are two bars: The Harrison Room, which is the “power bar” (and which I hope they ran by Jimmy Bradley) and the Commissioner’s Room, specializing in cocktails and Champagne.

Pier A second floor descriptionPier A second floor floorplanThe choker is back!

Pier A second floor rendering the Harrison room

Third floor

It’s only for private events (175 standing, 100 seated).

Pier A third floor description and floorplan

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  1. Hilarious choker references and mock photos. Must have been like a Where’s Waldo game being played there. The beer hall looks like something out of a blend of Hugo and the Gangs of New York. Is Scorsese an investor here or are the developers just huge fans?