Seen & Heard: Camera Obscura on Chambers

••• Opening Thursday evening at Front Art Space (the tiny gallery on Chambers): “Multi-Exposure in Real Time an installation show. For this show artist Troels Steenholdt Heiredal (Denmark 1984) built a camera oscura specifically for and inside Front art space. As you enter into the camera and into the image-making chamber, light collides bringing forward new constellations, forms, figures… absorbing them, revealing them to the world, co-constructing them between the camera and the I—the camera and the chamber act as one image-producing machine.” I’m so there—I love a camera obscura.

Front Art Space••• Corner Gourmet’s new façade is indeed Nish Nush–y. And a big improvement! Love the “best deli in the area” slogan…. (It’s the deli at Murray and W. Broadway.)

••• Fulton Center has a logo that may or may not be new—I hadn’t been down there in a while.

Fulton Center logo••• The Zara opening at 222 Broadway is going to be massive (if the signage represents all the frontage of the shop).

Zara at 222 Broadway••• Over on Fulton, meanwhile, you get a terrific side view of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub.

WTC transportation hub from Fulton••• Nice new awning, Maxwell’s!

Maxwells awning••• The sales office for 19 Park Place (the Silver Sliver) will be at 23 Warren (the recessed strip mall that’s on the Warren side of Tribeca Space, or 25 Murray).

••• On one side of Pisillo Italian Panini (the great Italian sandwich shop on Nassau), Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches changed its name to Quynh’s. (Is there a less pronounceable name?) And on the other side of Pisillo, a bakery is opening.

Quynhs Vietnamese sandwiches formerly NIckys••• In response to my question about the art signs that Andrea spied in Foley Square, Chyara commented that “The sign is a NYC public art project by the artist Ryan McGinness. They were put up sometime around 1 month ago, and people have subsequently stolen many (most?) of them.” I went over to steal it check it out, and I found several others. I didn’t take any of them, mostly because you need a wrench. Also, they don’t really speak to me. (Here’s an item on McGinniss’s site about the signs.)

Ryan McGinniss street art at Foley Square1Ryan McGinniss street art at Foley Square2Ryan McGinniss street art at Foley Square3

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  1. The ZARA store IS massive. It’s 30,000 sf and will encompass not just what you see in the photo (which fronts Broadway and Ann Streets, but will also wrap around to have additional frontage on Fulton Street where an old Duane Reade Store used to be. It is also multi-level. Opening date is expected in early 2015.
    The original lobby entrance to 222 Broadway has been rerouted to open onto Fulton Street instead with Zara taking up the vacated space.

  2. You can always count on TC to track down an answer! Thanks Erik.