More on Tribeca’s Next Hotel (and Its Restaurant)

445 WashingtonI was walking along Washington Street today when I noticed that 445 Washington (above) looks abandoned, and that yellow spray-paint X is an ominous sign. This is the plot where, combined with Chad-Erik EZ Park on the Greenwich side, Ponte Equities has been rumored to be planning a hotel. Sure enough, demolition permits were issued this week.

Gene Kaufman is the architect for the new 11-story building. Let’s hope he’s in upscale mode.

As for the Chad-Erik garage at 456 Greenwich, an application was filed on Aug. 11—by Kaufman—for a restoration of the building, with “work to include new storefront and pavers at front entrance and roof level.” (It’s landmarked, so there wasn’t much choice.) There’s a DOB note saying “This job is part of Hub Full-Service and is pending submittal to DOB on or before 10/09/2014,” and I don’t know what that means. But then another permit, from today, requests the use be changed from “trucking and distributing terminal to eat and drinking establishment.” The logical guess: The Chad-Erik part is the restaurant (on Greenwich) for the hotel (on Washington), with terrace seating atop the single-story building. Also: If Ponte’s (the restaurant) is coming back, it could be happening here.

Chad Erik EZ Park

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  1. That garage is landmarked? Really? And 67 Vestry is not? That’s weird.

  2. Considering all of the lookalike boxes going up all around it ,this piece of ugly will blend in just fine!

  3. i don’t know why but i really like this garage. it’s so old school tribeca. hoping whatever come here will at least try to make it industrial-gritty-chic.