Seen & Heard: Prices for the 11 Beach Conversion

••• The Juice Press on Murray is now shooting to open the first week of September.

••• I neglected to mention in the post about Ponte Equities’s plans for a hotel at 445 Washington that it’ll be 11 stories.

••• Lora Moftah tweeted confirmation that Peace & Love isn’t coming back.

Peace & Love by Lora Moftah••• Sales are starting up at the 11 Beach conversion. From an email sent by the broker: “Our pricing currently starts at $5,300,000 for a 2,361 square foot, three bedroom, 3.5 bathroom apartment; $6,650,000 for a 3,117 square foot, four bedroom, 3.5 bath apartment; and $7,750,000 for a 3,844 square foot, five bedroom, 4.5 bathroom apartment—and pricing is subject to change.” And a website.

••• Fire safety forum on Sept. 18, no doubt as a result of the recent IPN fire.

Fire safety forum••• The Greek is making Bloody Medeas at brunch, which is pretty excellent.

courtesy The Greek••• Press release: “The ARChive of Contemporary Music is pleased to present its first gallery exhibition by British photographer William Ellis. The exhibition offers 50 portraits of musicians holding one of their favorite albums.” It’s Sept. 19 through Oct. 3, with an opening event on Sept. 18 where “Mr. Ellis will be taking portraits of guests holding their favorite LP that they can choose from the ARChive’s collection. These portraits will be $100, the fee generously donated by Mr. Ellis to benefit the ARChive. Those wishing to attend this ‘invitation only’ opening party should contact the ARChive.” I lost 15 minutes trying to decide between Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session and Prince’s Sign o’ the Times. Anyway, pictured below: “Pianist Arturo O’Farrill with Machito’s Kenya.”

••• Tribeca Tower is building something homely.

Tribeca Tower cinder block structure

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  1. I didn’t know you were a Prince fan! Sign o’ the Times would be an excellent choice.