Seen & Heard: Lunch at Navy

••• Press release: “Surfaces On Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain is a group of sculptural furniture objects by RO/LU with matching clothing by Various Projects. The work will be on view as the inaugural show at Patrick Parrish Gallery from September 4 through October 4.” (Patrick Parrish is what used to be called Mondo Cane, and it’s now on Lispenard.)

••• Coming up at Washington Mark Park: Screenings of E.T. and Back to the Future. (See photo at right.) My initials are E.T.; I can’t even begin to tell you how many times other students yelled “Phone home!” at me. But Back to the Future could be fun.

••• Classes at Barre Tribeca started today. (That’s the new fitness studio in the same building as Kula Yoga Project.) Full post to come.

••• Matt and Renato from Baked posted an update on the upcoming Church Street location. Of note: “We are projected to be open from 7AM-10PM (Monday-Friday) and 8AM-10PM (Saturday and Sunday).” That’s good news. We need more weekend lunch options—takeout, in particular.

••• I can’t remember what the storefront at 9 White Street looked like before its current renovation, but I don’t think it had a window…? At least not one that was used?

••• I finally made to to Navy for lunch today—Navy being the all-day restaurant at 137 Sullivan from the Smith & Mills guys. It describes itself as a seafood restaurant, but at lunch it doesn’t really read that way. I had the avocado toast (with pickled mustard seeds and a lot of herbs) and the fish tacos (with lentils…?), and both were really good. (And obviously the places looks fantastic.) Need to get back to see what Camille Becerra is cooking for dinner, although I fear it gets noisier later in the day.

Navy avocado toast

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  1. Dinner appetizers at Navy are much better than their entree’s, so I could see it translating well to lunch. Don’t expect cocktails though since their liquor license is only beer / wine (they have wine/beer based “cocktails”, but it isn’t really the same).