Seen & Heard: Sushi Dojo’s Tribeca Outpost Is Not a Done Deal

••• Thanks to the reader who sent in the photo of demolition evidently starting at 445 Washington (and neighboring lot): That’s where Ponte Equities is planning an 11-story hotel, with restaurant in the existing Chad-Erik garage on Greenwich.

••• I totally misread the renderings and permits for the Hudson Square Hotel! The Hudson Square Hotel (with two Italian soccer stars among the co-owners) is evidently only on the little vacant lot at 219 Hudson—and 2 Renwick (with its two hotels in one building) wraps around it. And ll of that is sort of obvious, now that I look at the renderings with a fresh eye. Not sure how that happened. I guess I got a bit lost in the weeds.

••• In a comment, Carlo threw a bit of cold water on Sushi Dojo’s plans for Chambers Street: “My wife and I went to Dojo in the East Village tonight and chef David Bouhadana didn’t confirm they will be opening in Tribeca. He said they have been working on it but didn’t seem very positive….” I called to ask—because there’s something strange in the September CB1 agendas (more on those later)—and I was told that Sushi Dojo is still negotiating with the landlord, so it’s not a done deal yet.

••• Congratulations to Laughing Man barista Lex Larson on his novel, A Red Pine Sunday. Love the note on the cover—as if the cover art wasn’t telling you as much…. Anyway, you can buy it at the café on Duane.

••• Which reminds me! If you’re late to this particular party, I once wrote a novel (well, a second novel) called Nutmegger. It’s only available electronically—very modern—and it might be awful. But it’s cheap and fun and short! And timely, judging from this article in the New York Times.

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  1. It was nice that Star Pizza on Murray and Church closed and I was hoping we could get an upgrade. Unfortunately a sign went up that Famiglia Pizza is coming in. I guess I’d rather take Star Pizza back.

  2. Once in late night desperation I tried the Famiglia on 8th Street and Broadway. Their pizza is tasteless and bears little resemblance to said substance. The best place for pizza (no slices) in the neighborhood in my estimation is Gigino: a real sleeper but consistently tasty. Reasonably priced too.