In the News: Denny’s Reviewed

Dennys omelette courtesy Eater••• Eater reviewed Denny’s. Expecting decent prime rib in a “Philly Cheesesteak Omelette”—at a Denny’s, no less—seems a tad unrealistic.

••• “Two weeks ago—on Aug. 17 to be exact—a dead body floated into the Pier 26 embayment [….] Downtown Boathouse president Graeme Birchall […] said that this was not the first time that this sort of thing had occurred. ‘There were three bodies fished out of the Hudson River in a very short period recently,’ he said.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• A T Magazine article on Where To Eat, Unwind and Caffeinate Downtown During New York Fashion Week” includes Tutto Il Giorno (the Karan connection), Arcade Bakery (reopening tomorrow after its summer break), and—why not?—The Greek.

••• “Attorneys defending the owners of Gateway Plaza against a class-action lawsuit brought by residents (who seek remedy and redress for conditions they allege to be unlivable) are seeking to dismiss the primary claims of the action by arguing that the “warranty of habitability” (a legal doctrine that says landlords have a duty to provide livable dwellings to their tenants) has not been violated by conditions at Battery Park City’s largest residential complex.” —Broadsheet

••• New York YIMBY has renderings for the 77-story tower set to be built at 125 Greenwich Street, formerly known as 22 Thames, “which will become Downtown’s tallest residential skyscraper.” It appears to have no distinguishing architectural characteristics beyond its height and thinness.


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  1. It seems to have a halo — might that count as an architectural feature? :-)