Seen & Heard: Fairway Market Update

••• A. pointed out that signage went up for a Japanese/sushi restaurant at 90 Chambers (formerly Jerry’s Café), which means 92 Chambers (formerly Mauri Shoes) will indeed be Abey Nails & Spa, moving over from Warren.

courtesy Fairway••• From Nicole: “I was in the Chelsea Fairway this morning and saw that the cash register screen screen-savers said ‘Fairway Tribeca Opening Spring 2015.’ So I asked a staff member if she knew a more specific date and she told me, ‘They were saying February, but now they’re saying March.'”

••• Opening Oct. 8 at Soho Photo: “From the darkness of the tunnels to the rhythm of the people and the trains, eight artists showcase the New York City Subways.”

••• Adam reports in about the Juice Press salad situation: “I went into the new Juice Press to ask about the salads and they said they will be doing salads on the weekends but not on weekday evenings—you have to go to the one on Greenwich for that. And weekday salads end at 6 p.m. even at Greenwich (vs. after lunch on Murray).” I suspect this may all change over time.

••• A reader has a question for parents: “There are little kids, 3 or 4 feet tall, playing football on the field by Asphalt Green. And they’re outfitted in full tackle football gear. Are they actually playing tackle football? Would Tribeca parents put their children at such risk? Or are they wearing full protection just to play touch football? Either is sort of shocking.”



  1. Anything on Gourmet Garage. Went by this morning and looks like work is ongoing.

  2. To my knowledge there has been no real physical work on gourmet garage. It is still in the design and permit stage. Already delayed opening, but I know ownership is really excited for the new store.

  3. Does anyone know where the Fairway will be located?

    • Oh! I can’t wait for Fairway! I thought it was opening in 2014; I guess we can wait another few months but once they announced it was coming, it became difficult to wait. Meanwhile, I suggest you go to the Fairway in Red Hook while the weather still permits – get some ready made food and take it out to their tables by the water. The Atlantic meets the Hudson and you get to see the Statue of Liberty; big ships for the price of a coffee or otherwise. Who needs the Riviera?

  4. Regarding the question about little kids playing football: Yes, they are playing tackle football in full pads. The organization is called The Downtown GIANTS and it is, hands down, the best sports program for boys in the city. The kids learn discipline, dedication and teamwork. The coaches are kind, caring and all fathers themselves. Little known fact: there is really little risk of injury in football for kids that age —because they don’t weight enough yet to hurt one another. My son is 8, has been doing it for 4 years and yes, truth be told, I hope he chooses to make basketball or baseball his main sport by the time he’s 15, but in the meantime I’m going to let him enjoy putting on those pads and that helmet. Plus, I love to behave in ways that shock people. ;-)