Seen & Heard: The Midnight 9/11 Motorcycle Ride

••• The midnight ride commemorating 9/11 really ticked people off, if the tweets and emails I got were any indication. Why does it have to go through Tribeca? (Photo courtesy Jonathan Glick.)

••• Demolition at 445 Washington (site of a forthcoming 11-story hotel) is happening very quickly, as demolition does. Thanks to F. for the photo!

Washington Street demolitionUPDATE: I just took a photo that shows it a tiny bit more clearly; click to enlarge.

455 Washington demolition••• Demolition, the movie (I kid you not!), is filming in south Tribeca September 15-17. “Demolition focuses on a young investment banker (Jake Gyllenhaal) who falls into an emotional disconnect after his wife dies,” says Empire. “Deciding to tear his life apart to discover what went wrong, he becomes obsessed with the idea of destruction. But eventually he meets and befriends a single mother (Naomi Watts), who helps him to turn things around. She’s not your average meet-sort-of-cute, though: she’s the pot-smoking customer service operative for the vending machine company whose money-eating metal monstrosity sends Gyllenhaal into a rage.”

••• WTC Progress tweeted this photo of Liberty Park. Surely, we can come up with a different name for it—Liberty park sounds like it’s in New Jersey.

Liberty Park••• Jessie Burton, author of The Miniaturist, will be at Barnes & Noble Tribeca this Friday (Sept. 12).

Baked Occasions••• The Baked guys have a new book coming out Oct. 7: Baked Occasions.

••• Two Seaport events worth putting on your calendar: The Old Seaport Street Fest on Sept. 27 (“Outdoor stage featuring live music, art performances, family fun, tasty morsels, yoga and so much more”) and the annual Taste of the Seaport on Oct. 18.

••• John commented that the stained glass at 5 Beekman is the sales office for the condos, and not one of the restaurants. Noted! And perhaps it’s time for a moratorium on 5 Beekman coverage until it opens.

••• When I saw 90 Chambers on the CB1 agendas for September, I got confused and thought it was across the street, where Dojo Tribeca is (or is not) going to be. 90 Chambers, as I’ve reported on umpteen times since, is the old Jerry’s space, where another Japanese restaurant, Kaede, is going to be. It does not look upscale. (“Cuisine” is one of those words that signifies the opposite of what businesses intend.) Anyway, more on Kaede when I get around to writing up the CB1 Unofficial Minutes.




  1. Wake them babies up!

  2. Whaddaya mean why does it have to go thru Tribeca? Why does it have to go thru anywhere?

    • The second weekend after 9/11, hundreds of refugees from Battery Park City, disheveled, confused, anxious, homeless, were lined up on Canal Street at a help center when hundreds of motorcycles, the black leather, the flags, came roaring past, for at least a half hour–it felt like an invasion, like the second act, and already traumatized, many of us were in tears. The motorcycle parades never made sense, or did the fireworks, so soon after, right off the North Cove, nor did the planes buzzing the neighborhood to get a better view, take photos…..sick!

  3. Ah yes, the raucous, noisy event that pays tribute to people’s obnoxious hobby, whoops, I mean pays tribute to the deceased.

  4. The motorcycles went right under my windows and, from all the incessant honking, it sounded more like a celebration than a respectful ride to remember those lost on 9/11. I don’t recall past official Rolling Thunder rides making so much noise!

  5. It woke me from a dead sleep. I don’t really comprehend what constant revving of your engine at 1 am (or doing tricks, as pictured in that linked video) has to do with paying tribute to the deceased, but I’m also just floored it’s allowed on residential streets in Tribeca. Couldn’t they at least keep it out on West?

  6. >>Couldn’t they at least keep it out on West?

    Do you realize that when these things are on West they can wake you up ~2 blocks away? They are nothing but ego trips for whoever is doing them, so posting pictures or movies will ensure that they will be back for more publicity.

  7. Re: 445 Washington Hotel – my hopes were not raised by discovering that Kaufman was the architect for “The World’s Tallest Holiday Inn” (eek.. And double eek .. On his website!)
    But hey it’s across the street from Truffles and bathed in its ugly glow we just might not notice her at all…. ;)