Seen & Heard: Church Street Tavern Is Close to Opening

••• Church Street Tavern looks close to opening (if it hasn’t opened already). That’s the restaurant (with speakeasy downstairs) in the former Bisutoro/Tribeca Canvas space.

Church Street Tavern••• Kidswear brand Ruum is taking over the Robin Brouillette storefront on W. Broadway for a few months.

••• Ponte Equities has moved its offices to 60 Vestry, the brick building at the corner of Washington that I’m hoping survives the demolition happening to every other building (save one) on that block. Don’t let the lack of plywood fencing at the building to the west, 62 Vestry, fool you: Demolition is forthcoming, unless the plan has changed since the filing of the DOB paperwork.

••• Café Noir is now serving lunch.

••• Free Super Duper Tennis clinics for kids starting Sept. 23 at the Washington Market Park court. Info here.

••• Maybe once Citigroup is done with its flags it can rethink those security bollards along West Street.

Citigroup••• Can anyone recommend a good chair massage around here? I can’t really go to i-Plaza anymore I haven’t forgiven them for allowing my glasses to get mangled, even if I really should’ve known better than to leave them on a nearby chair.

••• If the tweets I’ve seen are any indication, the 443 Greenwich sales office (at Hudson and Vestry) is open.

••• I was walking along Murray when I caught a new angle of 19 Park Place and its rounded balconies. The north-facing balconies are going to have great views of the vent pipe on the neighboring building.

19 Park Place



  1. Tribeca Kitchen on Duane and Church looked open when I passed by today.

  2. Will Robin’s store be returning?

  3. Noticed Church Street Tavern for the first time tonight and dropped in to have a look. Very nicely done inside. Long bar in the front, tables in the back, and apparently a club downstairs (!?).

    First impressions — gorgeous, but expensive!! $42 for the lamb chops, and sides are extra! Seems a little out of keeping for the area; the food better be out of this world.