In the News: Kale Party!

••• The permits for the new building at 149-151 Church (running from Chambers to Warren, on the east side) show it’ll be 12 stories (and not nine, as I had initially heard). —New York YIMBY

••• KALE PARTY! —Flavorpill

••• President Obama will be at a fundraiser at White Street on Oct. 7. —New York Post

••• Sarah Tuft wrote in the New York Times‘s Metropolitan Diary about giving up her New York State license plates after moving to California: “They clung to the front and back of their master as it idled, headlights pressed up against the glass, outside many a fine restaurant that their master’s master (me) could no longer afford to frequent. Inside, those who caused the Great Recession laughed and dined and clinked their glasses, toasting to the Italian marble they had imported for the kitchen counters of their newly acquired soon-to-be-gutted-and-remodeled TriBeCa lofts.” Bitter much?

••• Pier A is on track to open by late October. And “the plaza in front of the pier, which the BPCA has rebuilt, is likely to be open as soon as the first week in October.” —Broadsheet

••• Cadillac “is in negotiations to lease a 20,000-square-foot space at 330 Hudson St. for its new headquarters.” —Crain’s

••• An update on Grand Banks. —Grub Street