In the News: More Woolworth Condo Renderings

••• More renderings of the Woolworth Condos, along with historical photos. (Image courtesy Curbed

••• Articles on the groundbreaking for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (at the World Trade Center) say it’ll be known as the St. Nicholas National Shrine. —New York Times, New York Post

••• “Retail snobs love to deride the temporary Halloween shops that have sprung up across the five boroughs this fall. [But] pop-up stores solve a host of problems for both sides of the retail equation as the all-important fourth-quarter selling season unfolds.” The only reason I’m including this New York Post article is because the writer cited my mention how “one of those crappy Spirit Halloween pop-ups is coming to the old J&R.” I do wish the writer had asked for further comment, because I would have said this: Are pop-ups good for landlords? They’re better than nothing. Are they good for anyone else? Probably not for the people who make them, and not for the earth, since they’ll be landfill after a few hours’ wearing. The best costumes—such as the year two friends and I went as the female lifeguards of Baywatch—don’t come in a bag; they come from your imagination.

••• “A tipster spotted two Eataly-font ‘E’s’ hanging on the third floor of 4 World Trade Center, and a rep confirms ‘We are testing the sign.'” Also: “When the idea was still in its infancy stages, Eataly founder Oscar Farinetti said the theme of the downtown store would be ‘peace.’ CEO Nicola Farinetti sheds some light on the theme today saying in a release: ‘The World Trade Center will be forever linked to collective and personal memories, and that’s why we think it’s the perfect location for conveying positive values for a better future… we think that by bringing people together around food, we can create a convivial environment for discussing such important topics.'” —Eater

Eataly test sign courtesy Eater