Another Deli Is Closing

Tina Ramchandani tweeted my way that the staff at New Fancy Food deli at 351 Broadway (between Franklin and Leonard) said the place is closing next week. On one hand, there are still a couple delis nearby on Broadway, and Gourmet Garage presumably will someday open across the street. On the other hand, New Fancy Food is the latest in a string of deli closures over the years (including the one at Church and Chambers that closed a couple week ago). Will there come a time when I have to buy an egg-and-cheese on a roll at Whole Foods? Or 7-Eleven?

[UPDATE: A source says that New Fancy Food is looking for a new place to reopen in the area. Let’s wish them luck!]

Anyway, it seems likely now that 351 Broadway will be torn down, along with its two-story neighbors to the north at 353-357 Broadway. We already knew that 353-357 were being redeveloped, and I had heard last month that the project was bigger than just that (with 351 the logical addition, since 359 wasn’t sold along with 353-357). I also hear that the project will be even taller: A neighboring building is said to have sold air rights to the project.

The red line in the map indicates the largest possible footprint—I’m not sure all of the interior sections or the sliver onto Leonard are included.

351-357 Broadway



  1. New Fancy Food will be missed

    2 minute film about the place from last month:

  2. This is HORRIBLE news. I’ve been a patron of New Fancy foods since I was a teenager in the 90’s (I used to go there to get beer and snacks before going to a show at The Knitting Factory..this was back in the day when TriBeCa was so quiet at night that you could drink on the streets as an underage teenager and not get arrested). I now live around the corner from the deli and go there at least once a day. Even though it is grossly overpriced (I was once charged $15 for a papaya) the deli was always open so I could get stuff in a pinch. The only time I’ve ever seen it close was during Hurricane Sandy. To Erik’s point, they make a great egg and cheese sandwich which I always get when I leave early morning on a road trip. I really wish this was not happening :(

    Any news on Gourmet Garage’s opening. When this place closes there will literally be no place to buy groceries/pantry staples in Eastern TriBeCa.

    • I haven’t asked Gourmet Garage in a while, because I try not to pester them when there’s no reason to assume anything has changed — and in GG’s case, my guess is that the date is only getting pushed back (since there doesn’t seem to be much going on). I’ll check in toward the end of the year.

      • Gourmet Garage is hoping to start work next month and open in Late Spring. They are working very diligently with Landmarks to make sure its done right. It sounds like it will be really great.

  3. What? This is horrible. That place is the best deli in the neighborhood. It’s the only 24 hour deli within 10 blocks. Unless one of the 37 discount jean shops starts selling breakfast sandwiches at 6am, we’re screwed.

  4. The big loss is that it was open 24/7 (and I’m up very late). Added to that, security police from the federal building (top level, heavily armed) used to go in there during the night shifts for coffee. Their presence, and the bright light and activity on B’way, made that corner safer.

  5. I just heard that New Fancy Food is looking for a new space in the area—so let’s wish them luck!

    • I asked deli staff over the weekend about the possibility of a relocation nearby, and both mentioned that management is looking for a location in Brooklyn. So alas, it doesn’t seem like they will remain nearby.

  6. Huge loss. NFF was our local spot. We knew everyone there and went multiple times every weekend. Inevitable perhaps given the building it was in and the pace of development around it, but will be sorely missed!!!

    Best of luck finding a new location.

  7. NOOOOO!!! I remember when it was just “Fancy Food”. Anna and company will be sorely missed. Fingers crossed that they will open another place really nearby and really soon. Maybe they will name it the “New” New Fancy Food?

  8. Actually, we should see this as the good news that it is. Gourmet Garage is fantastic and the deli would not have been able to compete against such a sophisticated food vendor opening diagonally across the street.
    The neighborhood continues to improve and I, for one, I am extremely pleased the direction that it is going.

    • Yes, let’s cheer the elimination of the only deli in the area for the foreseeable future, to the detriment of neighborhood residents, because it might not have success against a grocery store that probably won’t open for 6 months! Fantastic logic there.

    • new to the area Larry?

  9. Didn’t realize so many others shared our love for New fancy foods. It was so nice to have them there in a pinch. They will be missed and we hope they find a new place very close by!!!

  10. I hope they fund a new place. They were open after Sandy, running the grill with no lights. I think they could hold their own against GG, tho I am looking forward to GG opening. IRony is that with ever more residential we need deli’s etc even more – unless all the buyers are non resident.

  11. Terrible news! As NYC delis go, it had a great selection, and good food. Very friendly staff that knew all the regulars by name, etc. Also had a ton of household items, etc. if you were in a pinch. And their makeshift candlelit operations during Sandy (which were a lifesaver) will be a lasting memory.

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  13. This is simply dreadful. We’ve coming here for 7 years – ever since we
    moved into the neighborhood. Before we know it, Tribeca will have as much soul as Battery City – none that is. What’s up with New York
    City losing its 24/7 delis? To make way for even more condos? It’s getting out of hand and it’s becoming pathetic. Never thought I could feel attached to
    a deli, but then again, I should have listened to Joni Mitchell.
    Did the owners sell out? Not that I’d blame them,
    but would like to know.
    More importantly, where do we go now for
    fresh fruit, milk, beer, Dirty’s chips etc etc etc? Stupid Wholefoods? GG that will never open?

  14. Seeing all the wonderful comments on this page really touched all our hearts! It’s so nice and overwhelming to see how much we were liked and supported! I can truly say that this was the best job so far, and it was an honor and a privilege to meet and serve the wonderful neighborhood of Tribeca! I am very sad to see this place go. Until next time!