In the News: Crinkle-Cut Fries Claim Victory at Shake Shack

••• The New Yorker determined that Nobu was ripe for a review: “If you don’t like raw fish, you can still have sashimi.”

••• “After deciding no one really liked them, Shake Shack has finally done away with every last fresh-cut fry. Now it’s all crinkle cuts all the time.” —Eater

••• Flea Theater co-founder “Jim Simpson is stepping down as artistic director.” —New York Times

••• “LaunchLM on Thursday plans to announce”—because this Wall Street Journal article doesn’t count?—”a new, 12,500-square-foot space dubbed ‘lower Manhattan HQ’ at 150 Broadway. The 20th-floor space will give companies an opportunity to network, hold training events and book rooms for special projects. It is scheduled to open next spring.”

••• The Broadsheet profiles photographer Jay Fine, who lives in BPC.

••• Sportscaster Marv Albert is moving to Tribeca. —New York Daily News (link fixed, but just FYI the article doesn’t say where in Tribeca)

••• “Thalassa, an upscale Greek seafood restaurant in Tribeca, is among the hundreds of businesses that were affected by the massive power outage at a Con Edison substation on East 14th Street two years ago. On Oct. 24, the restaurant filed a lawsuit in New York City’s Supreme Court against its insurance provider, Phoenix Insurance Co., which had denied its business interruption claim, according to the complaint.” —Crain’s



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  1. FYI- the NYDN link for Mark Albert moving is broken