Seen & Heard: Tribeca’s Best Halloween Decoration

••• 50 Hudson has a wonderful black cat atop its roof—the head and tail move, as you can see from this video. Try to find time to walk by! It’s amusing to see the cat acting as if it might pounce on pedestrians below.

••• A sweet note on the door of New Fancy Food. By the way, I hear that they are actually trying to stay in the area (as opposed to moving to Brooklyn)….

New Fancy Food sign••• How to spoil a good renovation. When you own half of northwest Tribeca do you really need the money that badly?

502 Canal billboards••• David says that, as suspected, the NYC Yogurt on Broadway isn’t reopening. Instead, it’s being turned into a Verizon store! Isn’t that fantastic?!

••• If you didn’t get a chance to read Sydney Hollis’s latest humor piece before Craigslist took it down, here it is in two screen grabs.

Sydney Hollis Halloween part1Sydney Hollis Halloween part2••• Opening Nov. 6 at Steven Amedee on N. Moore: “Amalgamate,” a show of paintings by Timothy Wilson. Here’s one that’s appropriate for Halloween.

Schkull by Timothy WIlson courtesy Steven Amedee••• Michael sent a in question—well, it’s really more of a venting—that I was going to try to answer, possibly by going to the 1st Precinct Community Council, but then I thought, why bother? The NYPD does what it wants and my putting some officer on the spot is unlikely to change that. Anyway, the question: “What regulations (if any) permit the 1st PCT and WTC Command Center officers and personnel to park civilian and patrol cars (a) in the park/buffer area between Ericsson Place and the Holland Tunnel exit roads; (b) in the bike lane and in front of hydrants on Varick between Ericsson & N. Moore; and (c) on N. Moore between Varick and Hudson during weekday hours?” Of course, that’s just a partial list of the above-the-law parking style of the personnel at the 1st Precinct, as you can see from the photos below. By the way, the 1st Precinct Community Council doesn’t seem to publicize its meetings anymore besides saying on the website that they’re the last Thursday of every month “unless otherwise indicated”—and if you call, like I did, because the time is never mentioned, the outgoing message adds that’s there’s no meeting in December, July, and August. After trying three times, I finally found someone who said the meetings are usually at 7 p.m.

NYPD car parked on Ericsson NYPD cars parked on Varick in no parking zone NYPD cars taking half of Ericsson sidewalk NYPD car parked in Ericsson crosswalk NYPD private cars parked in Holland Tunnel NYPD cars parked on Varick sidewalkcop car on Ericsson sidewalk 102914 cop car on Holland Tunnel sidewalk 102914 cop car on Ericsson



  1. What? A phone store replaced a yogurt store? No way. I bet the yogurt spot replaced a phone store before it.

  2. Thank you guys so much for the love and support you have always given my coworkers and I! This neighborhood was always so loving and friendly! We will miss you guys!!

    • Alicia from Fancy Foods – so sad you guys have gone and so quickly! Thanks for always being there, especially during Sandy when you were open around the clock with no power! Sad you’ve left the hood, another good place bites the dust…

      much love to all at FF

  3. I had the same reaction when I saw the structures going up over the newly, beautifully renovated facades at Canal and Washington. I don’t find a lot of great, original architecture around here that is worth trying to preserve, but these artifacts are exceptional, and what they’ve done is just galling. Preservation organizations are famously vocal. What happened here?

  4. The 1st precinct’s illegal and dangerous parking practices have been tolerated for too long, and contribute to the erosion of the community’s respect for the police.

  5. That giant cat is pure genius. Walt Disney would be proud

  6. Its not just the parking. The police regularly drive down White St, turn right on west broadway (the wrong way of traffic), and then turn left onto N. Moore St. It happens over and over and over again every day. Twice I was nearly hit by a police car while crossing because I hadn’t looked both ways to cross – as traffic shouldn’t be coming that direction anyhow.

    Its a blatant disregard of traffic laws. But was annoys me so much about it is that it is actually dangerous. Very frustrating!