Seen & Heard: Turn Off the Damn Light, Beekman Residences!

••• Pretty much all of southeast Tribeca—and my entire apartment—got lit up all night by the ridiculous construction light at 19 Beekman (The Beekman Residences) last night. If it’s not better tonight, I’m going to have to call 311, and no one wants that.

••• Philip Williams Posters on Chambers (or Warren, if that’s how you swing) has wonderful handmade masks for sale. Created by a staffer, they’re totally unique and only $45.

Philip Williams Posters mask2••• If you were at all intrigued by the “Scareicature” opportunity at Mmuseumm on Cortlandt Alley, go! I loved it.

••• Tribeca’s own Edward Burns is the writer/director of a TV movie called Public Morals filming in central Tribeca on Monday: “Set in 1967 in New York City’s Public Morals Division, where cops walk the line between morality and criminality as the temptations that comes from dealing with all kinds of vice can get the better of them.” (IMDB)

••• Lot-Less is really coming up in the world! Seriously, though, how great would my pug look in that Ferrari Berlinetta? I could attach a handle to push from behind….

Ferrari Berlinetta at Lot-Less••• Opening Nov. 6 at Apexart: “David Bianculli, TV critic for NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, has been a TV critic for almost 40 years—and a TV viewer for 60. In Bianculli’s Personal Theory of TV Evolution, he traces the evolution of themes such as ‘single working women on TV,’ and exhibits artifacts from the television programs and transitions that shaped him, impressed him, and maybe even warped him a little. Among the treasures on view are the story board from Breaking Bad‘s final episode, Mr. Rogers’ iconic sweater and sneakers, Rod Serling’s typewriter, and surrealist puppets from the soon-to-be-retired Late Late Show.”

••• Mehtaphor sure looked closed the other night, so I went in and asked—and I was told it’s still open, with that smaller menu I mentioned a while back. Only a few tables were set, though. I started to think maybe chef Jehangir Mehta was no longer involved, but he says he is.

••• But hey, Quiznos on Chambers is open again! Until tomorrow, when it closes again. (I don’t know that—just an educated guess based on the past few months.)

••• Big party at the “haunted bathhouse” 353 Broadway tomorrow. (The Facebook event page includes a link to a documentary, We Live in Public—does anyone know if that was about 353 Broadway?)

••• Another Craigslist gem from Sydney Hollis—he of the previous posts about flip-flops and weekender bags. It’s less about Tribeca, alas, but still a treat. UPDATE: Craigslist took the post down, so here it is in two parts.

Sydney Hollis Halloween part1Sydney Hollis Halloween part2

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  1. They were adding height to the crane, which went WAYYY into the night, and was full of pounding noises. Poor Lara residents.