Seen & Heard: Velvet-Rope Halloween Street Party

••• This can be filed in the “Things That Make You Go Hmm” folder.

private Halloween party••• Despite what Jonathan C. and I heard about he Chambers Street outpost of Sushi Dojo, Eater got hold of chef David Bouhadana, who said that it’s simply “on hold” while they deal with their other openings.

••• The Juice Press on Murray is no longer making salads on weekends. I am bereft.

••• I don’t know if I had ever seen a photo of North End Grill‘s rooftop garden till Grand Banks posted this pic on Instagram.

North End Grill rooftop garden by Grand Banks••• From a reader: “We’re moving to Japan in January and need to rent out our apt in FiDi by end of Dec for one year. You can see our apt at It’s a No brokers fee apartment. We have decided not to work with a broker (a long story) for several reasons and thought of you and your site. I feel like your site has a real community that I very much like.”



  1. Lame on you Stephanie Ruhle for generalizing that one side street private party represents everyone & every street in #TriBeCa. #Typical”Journalist”
    Did you happen to go to any private Halloween parties with velvet ropes and guest lists? #Hypocrite?

  2. Well, when the party is thrown by the De Niro clan I think you can say “Shame on you TriBeCa” I mean after all don’t they define / own the neighborhood?

    I love the photo of the big man dressed in black holding a guest list clipboard with Actual velvet ropes in the middle of the sidewalk blocking a public street. It all adds a special brand of douchieness to the proceedings.

    Refrain from killing the messenger. #lameindeed

  3. You talking to me? There were other private Halloween parties with velvet ropes, guest lists, and security, with “celebs” tweeting all about it, that registered a far greater level of douchieness than the one on Collister Street. #Indeed