Seen & Heard: Baked “Super-Soft” Opens Today

••• Baked is doing a “super-soft test-drive” opening today.

••• Scary story from a reader: “My husband and 2-year-old son were walking and a giant piece of scaffolding from 405 Greenwich fell from above and struck them. Both were flown into the air and thrown to the ground. The scaffolding was not secured properly. My son was rushed to the doctor as was my husband. I’m reporting this primarily to ensure that other families are careful as this construction company clearly is negligent.” The big piece of plywood—that’s it below—had nails protruding from it. I asked if they were OK. “They are physically recovering now. All should be okay as they get over bumps/bruises etc. My son had a suspected concussion but so far so good, and the doc thinks my husband is suffering from whiplash.” I’m not sure what we can do other than always be a little on guard, even in our otherwise pretty safe neighborhood.

405 Greenwich sidewalk shed••• Anita Rocío posted a couple videos—like this and this—on Instagram of yesterday’s “Blue Bloods” shoot at Duane Park. Below: a screen grab.

Blue Bloods screen grab courtesy anita_ro1202••• From Friends of Bogardus Garden: “We could use more bulb planters this Sunday in the garden from 9 a.m. to noon. We are planting 2000 bulbs!”

••• When word came out that Boston-based skatewear store Concepts is planning a Tribeca outpost, I naturally wondered what the location would be (and I sent them an email, not expecting a response). Nowhere really made sense. Then Z. emailed that there is indeed a likely spot: “Yesterday, I noticed a New Balance sign in the window of the under-construction storefront at 225 Hudson. (Just north of Canal.) I have no more info aside from that, but it may help implicate this as the location for Concepts, since the space has a pedigree of street-wear retailers (previously Boundless New York and Rival).”

••• I had moved on from that velvet-rope Halloween party until I got tweeted at yesterday.

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  1. Does the city actually give out permits to close of city streets for private parties?

  2. Apparently there was security and a guest line (see the photo) for the velvet rope party. Its hard for the restrictions to be seen only has a safety issue for kids. And there were clearly NYPD barricades, so this must have been sanctioned.

  3. A velvet rope is for the safety of rich and famous people.

  4. Was the party thrown by alice + olivia?

  5. They are obviously people with means to throw such a party. If you could you would too. So everyone get over it.

  6. Even though the party was open to only an infinitesimal fraction of the neighborhood, why can’t we just focus on what a great neighborhood party it was.

  7. Velvet ropes are like kryptonite to predators and kidnappers, but obviously not to playa-hatin’ lookie loos. Bright orange pylons are so gauche.

  8. Eric, why don’t you have a “social page” section where you cover restrictive neighborhood social events?
    Seriously though, how do private individuals get permission to close streets? Can we all really do it?

    • I don’t recall an individual trying for official permission to close a street, but I’m pretty sure that businesses have to get approval for street events from CB1 and presumably the Department of Transportation.

  9. Yes, EriK, how can I get permission to close streets? Is it as simple as erecting some velvet ropes or is it something more involved and costly? Or should I just get on with my life?

  10. More importantly went to baked on Sat, amazing! Great spot to get bread too when Arcade is closed on weekends. The woman behind the counter said she was wondering how they had such a neighborhood following already and I told her it’s because you kept writing about the opening and we’re a loyal bunch lol. I told her to reach out and invite you in, hope they do, you’ll def enjoy it!

  11. I was there when the man was hit, I ran to him (as did a few other people) and tried to help him up with his baby. They took him into Kaffe and I moved the scaffolding (with nails sticking up out of it) a bit and I tried to call 311 (I waited more than 30 minutes but another woman was calling too). It was horrifying, I meant to write in and ask you if you heard, I am SO glad he is ok (I left him in the care of other people after helping him up, I didn’t want to overwhelm him with a crowd) There wasn’t even a number to call for the scaffolding company (i walked around and looked). I’m SO glad to read this (because they’re ok) but that company needs to be liable for what happened. It was horrendous.

    • Sara, thanks so much for your comment. And thank you even more for the help last sunday. Very pleased to report we are on the mend after a pretty scare day!

      • GK
        Really really glad to hear from you, I was going to write to Tribeca Citizen and ask them to see if anyone had heard. Thrilled that it wasn’t more serious, because as bad as it was it just could have been (terrifyingly..) so much worse. Wishing you all the best!!!

  12. This is Tribeca!! SUE SUE SUE