Seen & Heard: Grand Banks Says It’s Coming Back Next Year

••• Well, this is delightful news!

Grand Banks Instagram••• @jptownley posted an Instagram video with this description: “Dry cleaning glides down a wire in TriBeCa. (!)” And that is indeed what seems to have happened on White Street. Anyone know why? UPDATE: Love the explanation (per Okainer) in the comments—this city never ceases to amaze. Love the possibility that it’s a sweatshop (per Robert Ripps) considerably less.

dry cleaning••• Some info on the Institute of Culinary Education’s new facility at Brookfield Place, opening in January: “The school’s thirteen kitchens extend over a single expansive floor and each kitchen has been outfitted with brand new equipment from the leading brands including Jade, Southbend, Blodgett and Traulsen. Other highlights of the new school include an indoor hydroponic herb garden and vegetable farm, an artisanal chocolate studio featuring ‘bean to bar’ equipment and a center for mixology studies.”

1 White Street by Andrea••• Man of the World’s intentions for 1 White might become clearer, as it was added to the agenda for this month’s Community Board 1 Landmarks Committee meeting (on Nov. 13): “1 White Street, application for storefront renovation, handicapped access ramp and bulkhead and rooftop garden.” Note the rooftop garden—the way we found out about the plans back in September was because neighbors were concerned about rooftop events. (Thanks to Andrea for the photo.)

••• Flyers are posted around Duane and Church for an NBC production called “Slap” (filming today). Says IMDB: “A family drama that explodes from one small incident where a man slaps another couple’s misbehaving child.”

••• After I posted about the Harrison’s closing, I heard from the restaurant that the actual last date of service is Dec. 19.

••• No doubt at all that NYC Yogurt on Broadway isn’t coming back—the door was open today, and it’s clearly undergoing a total demolition. Whether the space will be a Verizon store remains to be seen.

••• This is something you don’t see in Tribeca very often: a 250-square-foot storefront. Maybe Tribeca Citizen needs an office…. Or maybe Cafe Boca Ciega can be persuaded to take it? (It’s at 93 Worth.) UPDATE: I hear the 250-square-foot space is meant to be a reception area for the lower level. Oh well….

93 Worth

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  1. The clothes are manufactured in a factory on white street (above the White on White furniture store) and every couple of weeks they string a line from the top floor to the back of a truck to bring all the garments down quickly. Fast and efficient.

  2. Re: White Street- sweat shop?

  3. Where is the retail store for rent? And, yes! Boca Ciego would be perfect! I hope they seriously consider it!

  4. Garment factory, of course, why not. It’s been going on in that part of TriBeCa for about 100 years. It’s still close to textile jobbers and plenty of Chinese garment workers (non union) in the area.

  5. I am betting the NBC scene is Dateline or “What Would You Do?”.