Seen & Heard: Pecan Replacement to Called Gotan

••• A marvelous drawing by Madrid-based interior designer Isaias Martín Peñasco. Definitely worth clicking to see it larger.

••• The TV show “Gotham” is filming in southwest Tribeca on Monday. We might get some good set design on the street.

••• A local business has up to 1,600 square feet to sublet, if you’re looking for office space, art studio, etc. Email and I’ll pass it along.

••• After I posted about Pecan closing, a reader emailed to say that the new café will be called Gotan.

••• From T.: “I heard today that the Au Bon Pain in 1 World Financial Center will be closing in a few weeks.  Not sure what will replace it.” I tried calling to find out, and the phone is no longer in service…?

••• From the 9/11 Memorial: “In honor of Veterans Day, yellow roses have been placed at the names of veterans who died on 9/11.”

courtesy 911 memorial••• From A.: “More news on River and Warren,” as 22 River Terrace is being known now that it’s being converted from rentals to condos. “I spoke to someone this weekend who was planning to buy a two bedroom apartment in the building. Apparently, the sales office is now open (though there’s nothing new listed on the website.) He was told that the apartments should be ready around April. Also, although the website says the building only has two+ bedrooms available, this guy said that there are one bedrooms. I didn’t see anything online at all about sales and there’s nothing near the lobby that indicates there’s a sales office (that I noticed, at least.)”

••• Took a mini Field Trip to the High Line this morning—I hadn’t been to see part 3 yet. It’s makeshift, but still worthwhile. And you’ll really want to see that area before it gets built up like the areas to the south. (Also, the fall colors further south are fantastic.)

High Line High Line2


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  1. love the fall colors on the High Line! Will try and make it this week (but darkness comes so early now!)