Seen & Heard: Map of Tribeca Businesses in 1986

••• The nostalgia-fest happening in the comments on the Snapshots of Tribeca’s Gentrification post made me remember this wonderful map from 1986. Click to enlarge.

P1090158 1500 wide••• Little Park started serving weekday breakfast today. I can personally vouch for the savory porridge with poached eggs, hen of the woods mushrooms, and bread crumbs. And for a hotel restaurant, prices are rather reasonable.

Little Park breakfast menu••• Adoro Lei, the pizza restaurant opening on Hudson (just below Spring), looks very close to its debut. Nice pizza box!

Adoro Lei pizza box••• I guess not everyone is underwhelmed by 56 Leonard. (Photo courtesy KTU morning show host @PaulCubbyBryant.)

••• Press release: “Council Member Margaret Chin announced that she will introduce new legislation that would require the city’s Department of Environmental Protection to collect data on noise pollution throughout the city and publish an annual report based on that data.” Let’s save everyone some time and money! It’s the construction, horns, and trucks and buses—the Academy commuter buses, in particular, are like jet planes.

••• Tickets for Baked‘s Dessert-apalooza are on sale.

••• David Weeks Studio made an amusing video to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its Walker Street store.

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  1. Had my first dinner at Little Park last night. In a word, fabulous. And to all the comments about the “hospitality” at Locanda Verde, it couldn’t have been more different. Great food, great welcome. The service was a little rough, but that should work out as they get their footing. Nice addition to the neighborhood!

  2. Interesting map- although I moved here 2 years after that, I don’t think Franklin nor Beach Streets went all the way through to the Hudson River since the mid 70’s, and I am not sure where North Moore Street has gone. That and the fact that most buildings bear no resemblance to what was/is actually there don’t diminish from the charm of the map- too much ;).

  3. What no Delphi on the map? I am sure it must have been there in 1986.