New Kid on the Block: Gotan

Gotan counterIf you think you’ve been busy the past three weeks, imagine how Gotan co-founder Arnon Magal feels. In that short period of time, he has overseen a renovation of the space that was formerly Pécan and opened Gotan in its place.

The layout is the same, but counter-height tables have been added, along with plumbing pipes as table legs. “Our goal was to work with the space,” says Magal, “to keep it basic and minimal.” They salvaged and refurbished as much as possible, even sanding down Pécan’s tables to give them a second life. That’s not to say there isn’t a quirky touch yet to come: In a week or so, a pink neon “Gotan” sign will be hung on the eastern wall. (The name is meaningless, but it does have a correct pronunciation: goh-tahn.)

Magal and his team of baristas—appealingly decked out in bow ties and suspenders—are proud of the third-wave coffee program. The beans are Counter Culture, and there are several ways to have it prepared: standard drip and espresso, of course, but also Kalita Wave pour over and Aero Press (described to me as between espresso and drip). “We put the espresso machine under the counter so that your well-trained barista can interact with you—he isn’t hiding behind the machine,” says Magal. Even the milk is on tap. Gotan appears to likely to be popular with people who like to work in a café, just as Pécan was. Free water and seltzer are dispensed at the end of counter, and wi-fi will be available starting next week.

As for the food, everything is made to order except the baked goods (which come from Bakehouse in the West Village). The breakfast menu is served all day, with lunch starting around 11 a.m. When you order, you’re handed a number flag, and your food is brought to you; when you’re done, you can leave your dishes on your table. “We want you to be comfortable here,” says Magal.

Gotan is open weekdays 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with plans to close later come spring. Takeout is available, and delivery will kick off in a couple of weeks.

Gotan is at 130 Franklin (at Varick);

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  1. Erik – are the owners the same people behind Little Collins? I thought I recalled one of your earlier reports mentioning that. The menu looks different.