New Kid on the Block: Ruum

Ruum sign Ruum American Kid’s Wear was started last year, when Ezra Dabah, the former CEO of the Children’s Place, bought the assets of American Eagle’s 77Kids brand. Consequently, it already has a robust online presence and 25 stores, including two that recently opened in New York City, where Ruum is based. The first was on the Upper East Side; the second is on W. Broadway, in the space that had been Robin Brouillette’s boutique. The idea was to try a pop-up, but a Ruum rep said it’s feeling increasingly permanent. (Update: Robin says it is indeed a pop-up, till January 15, and her store will reopen then.) Each store is meant to be reflective of the neighborhood—Tribeca’s has a light industrial vibe and a water tower diorama.

Ruum offers clothes and accessories for boys and girls from 2 to 14 years old, and prices are kept reasonable: staring at $9 for graphic T-shirts and mainly topping out at $50, with a $74 “vegan leather” bomber jacket being an exception. According to the rep, celebrity children such as North West, Suri Cruise, and Harper Beckham have been spotted wearing Ruum.

Ruum is at 138 W. Broadway (between Thomas and Duane), 212-227-9364;

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  1. Great clothes—A little problem wit Ezra’s new company. He hasn’t paid the children who advertised RUUM clothes on instagram.. Parents seeing the ads are upset.!