Seen & Heard: Gotan Café Is Open

••• Gotan, the café taking over the Pécan space, opens this morning. Full report to follow.

••• Joe Crotty, the owner of Tara of Tribeca, the bar opening at 20 Warren (in the old 20 Twenty space), has evidently decided to withdraw his agreement to stipulations insisted on by Community Board 1 back in September. From an email I received about it: “[CB1] had previously agreed to stipulations with the owner, including closing hours of 12 and 1 and background music only, but he withdrew his agreement prior to our Board meeting. […] We are assuming the owner will be asking for later hours, possibly to the limit of 4 a.m.” (Because the State Liquor Authority can decide to overlook CB1’s recommendation.) Nearby buildings have been given petitions for concerned residents to sign. before the SLA hearing on Dec. 11.

••• Added to the agenda for the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee meeting on Wednesday (Dec. 10):
—443 Greenwich Street, application for authorization pursuant to section 13-442 of the Zoning Resolution to allow an attended accessory parking facility with a maximum capacity of 15 spaces on the ground floor and cellar of an existing building – Resolution
—32 White Street, application for renewal of sidewalk cafe license for Tribeca Grand Hotel, Inc. –  Resolution
—135 West Broadway, application for renewal of sidewalk cafe license for Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs – Resolution
—And the item about “Proposed changes to parking regulations in Tribeca” was removed.

••• Arcade Bakery was giving away samples of chocolate bread yesterday—let’s hope it comes back soon. I also hear there’s a stollen in the works.