Seen & Heard: Kanlo Tea Shop Is Closing

••• Kanlo is indeed closing; the tea shop at Harrison and Staple sent out an invitation for a final tea tasting event on Dec. 16.

••• Broker Luis D. Ortiz (from “Million Dollar Listing”) posted this photo from atop 30 Park Place, currently at 77 stories (it’ll be 82 when it’s done).

••• Signs are posted on upper Church for a “Good Wife” shoot on Monday. My mom is going to plotz.

••• A couple people emailed about the pro–Seaport redevelopment mailer that arrived yesterday. It certainly is strange that the Howard Hughes Corp. didn’t put its name on it.

••• Behold the Tribeca pillow by Lynn Lieberman.

Lynn Lieberman Tribeca pillow


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  1. pro–Seaport redevelopment petition people at Spruce school pickup today. Introduced themselves under some bland name. Asked them if they were from Howard Hughes, they said yes. I said I would sign if they paid me, since I’m not making any money on the project.