Seen & Heard: Imminent Demolition on Desbrosses

••• Archie sent the photo below, noting that scaffolding has gone up all along Desbrosses from Washington to West. We know that 31 Desbrosses (at Washington) is being torn down and replaced with a nine-story building, and we know that 39 Desbrosses (at West, where Ponte’s restaurant was) is being torn down and replaced by a 12-story building (along with the rest of the buildings on West). What we don’t know is which development the low building(s) between the two are part of.

31 Desbrosses••• From Milo: “Just passed the Dunkin Donuts on Chambers. Window signs say it’s closed for renovation. Really? Or are they out of business?” My hunch would’ve been the latter: I always thought it was strange that 149-151 Church—which is being torn down and replaced by a 12-story building—included the second building in on Warren (with the spa that moved to Chambers) but not on Chambers (which is where the Dunkin Donuts is). But the DOB has a permit filed for “INTERIOR RENOVATION OF AN EXISTING DUNKIN DONUTS STORE” at 100 Chambers.

••• A question from SSR: “I noticed this week, that Yvonne’s stuff is still on Murray Street, but she is not there any more. Does anyone know if she okay?”

••• No guesses yet for Where in Tribeca…?

••• Yael notes that the windows at Josephine got papered. Maybe something is coming….