Seen & Heard: The Harrison’s Bar Has a New Home

••• This pic from Archie of the Harrison’s bar ripped out was like a punch in the gut. But it’s a happy story: “The bar is moving to Chicago,” says a restaurant rep. “This guy who opened The Harrison as a bar back is now opening his own restaurant in Chicago, and he flew in for the restaurant’s last night to ask Jimmy in person if he could buy the bar. Jimmy gave it to him as a gift to wish him luck. We were so excited to see it go to someone who will give it love, as it was custom made.” That space won’t be empty for long. If you know anything about a new tenant, let’s hear it:, 917-209-6473.

••• Auction signs went up at Josephine.

Josephine by Jon••• My recent “Metropolitan Diary” post included an item about visiting the pool at BMCC—sorry to get you all excited at the possibility it might be opening again. (That anecdote was from quite a while ago.) It did draw out this discouraging comment from Nicole V: “back in September, in an attempt to find out the status of the pool repairs I somehow got transferred to a BMCC assistant coach who told me that no repairs have been performed on the pool since it closed and that the College disbanded the swim team this year because it was too hard  for the members to travel for practices at LaGuardia and there’s no eta for the pool to reopen.”

••• Fireworks tonight—just before midnight, as you’d expect—off Liberty Island.



  1. Does anyone know when the Josephine auction will be or where I can find out? HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way ;)

  2. *sob* Harrison.
    Any rumors yet on what is moving into the space?