Seen & Heard: Tribeca Pizzeria’s Closing Has Been Delayed

••• As expected, 508 Gastrobrewery (on Greenwich, below Spring) closed its doors. Details on Houseman restaurant, coming next to the space, are here.

508 Gastrobrewery••• Tribeca Pizzeria says it’s not closing till sometime in February—and when it does, that’ll  make seven restaurants closed on Greenwich since mid-November.

••• McGee says that demolition crews are working on 31 Desbrosses (which is being replaced by a nine-story building).

••• Archie points out that Kim’s Cleaners appears to have opened on Canal (also as expected).

Kims Cleaners••• I hear radio personality Elvis Duran bought a penthouse on Broadway.

••• Opening Jan. 10 at Kansas gallery: “A solo exhibition of new work by Halsey Rodman. Triple Trouble presents a series of works concerned with minimal difference. The term minimal difference refers to the pulse of difference separating one moment from the next, the continuous transformation of objects in time, the modulation of color, and the wavering constitution of one’s self from moment to moment. Minimal difference is a way to think of the wavering edges of things considered as an event. This show asks: if everything is in a constant state of becoming different from itself, can an entity ever be considered complete?”