Seen & Heard: Another Sign of Progress at Brookfield Place

••• TZ notes another sign of progress at Brookfield Place.

Equinox Brookfield by TZ••• Adoro Lei, the new pizza restaurant on Hudson (in the old Antarctica space, just below Spring), is open for lunch.

••• Did you get that letter in the mail from Westfield World Trade Center? (My husband, Adam, did, but I didn’t rate one.) “Downtown’s new social destination” is “humbled and proud” to be opening here, etc., and there’s a partial list of shops and restaurants (nothing we didn’t know). As a strong believer in local outreach—even if I can think of a more powerful, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly way to do it—I applaud the move. But here’s a fun idea that would really get people’s attention: Run a contest on everyone’s favorite hyperlocal website wherein 10 or 25 lucky winners would get a hard-hat tour of the facility. Guaranteed local buzz! [Makes “call  me” gesture.]

••• Opening Jan. 14 at Apexart: “Foot Notes: On the Sensations of Tone is an audio and visual art exhibition featuring nine composers and sound artists whose works map, record, and respond to their natural environment—be it urban or wild. Organized by environmental/ installation artist Alastair Noble.”

••• Archie reports that 508 Gastrobrewery is still on Seamless, even though it has closed. Wonder which restaurant bought the Seamless rights?

••• Production company Independent Media is filming something—it’s flyers don’t specify what, and no one answered the posted number—in the Greenwich/Franklin area on Sunday. If you want to try calling David to ask, the number is below.

Independent Media


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  1. Re the Westfield mailing — ours came addressed to only my husband too!