In the News: Gehry Building Gym Brouhaha

fries courtesy Schnippers••• “Midtown mini-chain Schnippers“—good fries—”will be settling in at One New York Plaza along with a slew of other chains like Starbucks, Chop’t, and Chipotle.” (One New York Plaza is near the Staten Island Ferry terminal.) —Eater

••• Tenants of New York by Gehry are ticked off that the price of a gym membership in the building is more than doubling. Luckily, there’s a new Blink Fitness right nearby. —Curbed

••• “Michael Fortenbaugh is having his docks towed from the North Cove Marina to New Jersey today.” —Tribeca Trib

••• City Hall Park’s black squirrels “are just standard, run-of-the-mill Eastern Grays with a relatively rare genetic trait called melanism that makes them extra dark. And there are a lot of them in City Hall Park. It’s not clear exactly how rare the trait is, but the melanistic variety of Sciuris carolinensis typically don’t appear in large concentrations. Except, that is, in isolated parks like this one. It’s a result of what urban ranger Sunny Corrao calls the ‘island effect.'” As in the Galápagos. —Runnin’ Scared (via Curbed)

••• Looks like we can expect a nice report on Arcade Bakery on Serious Eats….

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  1. The color of our City Hall squirrels is indeed interesting, and I thank you for the link. But what I find most interesting about them, and many find _very_ disturbing, is their willingness to make physical contact. I happen to love rodents, and so with less apprehension than most, I’m willing to let them sit in my lap. But in my experience they’ve never asked permission, and I’ve seen them freak more than a few lunchtime visitors out with an unanticipated laying-on of paw. I’ve found the squirrels of City Hall park consume my attention more than the art generally does (as well as whatever else they can stuff in their pouches).

  2. The squirrels of Gramercy Park are also mostly Black as well. Another island in a sea of concrete. :-)

  3. Arcade is amazing. The french baguette and croissants are probably the best I have ever had.

  4. I agree that arcade deserves a best baguette in the city vote.

  5. I go to Arcade Bakery all the time. They are just excellent!

  6. Has anyone thrived the black squirrels in an arcade ciabatta ?
    Scrumptious !

  7. That’s great, because FiDi is in desperate need of more chain restaurants (sarcasm implied). The great culinary black hole gets even larger.

    I PRAY that there are innovative restauranteurs out there who will realize the potential of catering to 20/30 somethings who live around Wall St who are tired of trekking to other parts of the city for some decent fare.

  8. The black squirrels (or any squirrel) in City Hall Park drive my dogs crazy, especially when they see people feeding them.