Seen & Heard: The NBA’s Temporary Tents

••• The current state of the NBA All-Star Game Weekend tents at Canal and Varick.

••• Walked by Ivy’s Bistro this morning; the space is already undergoing a full demolition.

••• From Dale at Kanlo: “Kanlo Gourmet tea officially closed on January 16. However, to let you know that we are in dialogue to open in a different location in Tribeca or have teas available for our customers in Tribeca. We have agreed to ship free to all are customers at Tribeca.”

cat poster••• Someone found a cute cat at Broadway and Franklin.

••• A question from @jszinman from last May showed up randomly in my Twitter feed yesterday: “Will dogs be allowed in the new Bogardus Park?” The answer, from Friends of BG: “Dogs will be welcome in the plaza but not  in the planted section for obvious reasons.”

••• I went to the new Bareburger at William and Ann streets the other day. I can’t say I loved it, but then I detest the song “American Pie” and I resent being forced to listen to all eight minutes of it in a public place, so that may have affected my perception. (Below: The Guadalupe veggie burger.) In any event, I added it to the Tribeca Citizen Restaurant Guide.

Bareburger guadalupe veggie burger••• Soho news: Puro Chile at Centre and Grand appears to be out of business (but maybe the wine part is still open?).

Puro Chile



  1. wow, I know New York is all about change, but it feels like a little too much change going on for me right now. Every single reasonably priced restaurant seems to be leaving us. Sigh. New favorites will emerge, but I fear by the end of the year only high end steak houses or starbucks will survive.

  2. What is the NBA tent going to be used for?

  3. Less old neighborhood, more big, luxury buildings and chain stores. Look around kids, Tribeca’s going fast.