Seen & Heard: A Pizzeria With Standards

••• This afternoon, I had a pleasant chat with one of the proprietors of Adoro Lei—the new pizzeria on Hudson just above Canal. We agreed that I probably shouldn’t go to the weekend “DJ brunches,” but he said most nights (Thursdays being a possible exception) are on the mellow side—and if there’s a DJ, he might be spinning jazz, the Stones, discos, etc. I also learned that the pizzaiolo is from Kesté on Bleecker, and that Adoro Lei won’t sell its wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas as takeout (or delivery when that eventually starts), because they don’t come out of the box as good as when they go in. Instead, you can get brick-oven pizza to go—because it travels just fine. The takeout menu is below.

Adoro Lei takeout menu••• Looks like 403 Greenwich (currently the vacant lot next to Kaffe 1668) is finally getting underway.

tweet 403 Greenwich••• Hard to tell from this pic, but 87-89 Leonard seems like it’ll be quite attractive, post-conversion. The interiors appear to be moving along, so maybe the scaffolding will come down soon.

87-89 Leonard••• Speaking of Leonard Street, I know someone out there knows something about Tetsu, the teppanyaki restaurant that Masa Takayama was supposed to be opening at 78 Leonard—but which has looked very dormant for a long time now. I’m at and 917-209-6473.

••• No, that’s not the Upper East Side pictured below. It’s the pretty new façade (at street level, anyway) of Sixty Soho Hotel, as 60 Thompson is now known. Kittichai, you’ll remember, is being turned into an Italian restaurant, Sessanta.

••• During the run up to the Storm that Fizzled, there were lot of photos posted to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram of the devastation at Whole Foods. A reader mailed me a bunch this morning, and I realized those of you who don’t do social media might have missed out. From the reader: “I’m sure quite a few Tribecans were sitting home yesterday scratching their heads thinking, ‘Did I really need to buy out the whole sausage case? We don’t even really like sausage!'” Maybe we should have a potluck.

Whole Foods Tribeca pre Juno2 Whole Foods Tribeca pre Juno3 Whole Foods Tribeca pre Juno4 Whole Foods Tribeca pre Juno5 Whole Foods Tribeca pre Juno6 Whole Foods Tribeca pre Juno7UPDATE from P.: “All the cupboards were bare because they were using the snow day as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning. You can see staff working in these pics. (And how clean the display shelves are) I’m sure they sold lots of groceries, but on Tues they pulled any remaining product/produce so they could take apart the cases to clean them. That said today some items had still not come in, but most cases were full again.”

Whole Foods3 Whole Foods1 Whole Foods2



  1. It has been a tough week to be a grocery store employee in NYC, but it has been a great week to be a grocery store owner. Selling through your entire inventory on Monday, then getting all that Super Bowl business the following weekend – must be nice. Geez.

  2. I’m convinced de Blasio and the weather channel are in cahoots and both long whole foods stock!!!

  3. Morgan’s Market comes through again!