Seen & Heard: Battery Park City Rental Conversion Moving Forward?

••• The incomparable Kate Pierson is playing City Winery on Feb. 25. Above: One of my very favorite B-52’s songs.

••• Looks like 41 River Terrace (Tribeca Pointe) is indeed being converted. A reader sent this in: “I heard a rumor that the landlord has stopped marketing at least some of the units in the building. I don’t see that any new deed has been recorded, but the attorney general’s website appears to be showing that an offering plan for a condo conversion was filed earlier this month (see attached). Not sure if you’ve heard anything about this already, but I’m anxious to hear any updates.” Know anything? Email (Note: The last time it came up was in this Broadsheet article from March 2014: “The possible sale of 41 River Terrace may be complicated by two factors: the building was financed under the City’s 421-a tax abatement program, which confers a form of rent stabilization on apartments there through 2019. And it was also developed with financial help from the State’s Housing Finance Agency, which requires that 20 percent of the building’s 340 apartments be set aside for low-income residents through the year 2020, while 80 percent can be leased to tenants with any income level.”)

41 River Terrace••• From K.: “A few months back you reported on a change in traffic rules for trucks/buses exiting the Holland Tunnel—that they couldn’t come down Laight Street to the Highway. This seems to have changed, as they started doing it again. I live on Laight and we really appreciated the improved air quality and noise abatement without the trucks/buses. Any idea of why they lifted this restriction and what we can do to get it reinstated?” Not a clue! The best bet is to reach out to Community Board 1 (, 212-442-5050) to see what they know. But I’m also including here in case someone else on Laight—such as the reader who emailed about it in July—has already done some legwork.

••• People keep asking on social media, so here’s a reminder that the reason for the big tent at Canal and Varick was explained here.

••• Tribeca Watch Repair, which only recently moved a block north on Church, has been seized. (Thanks to the reader who sent in the head’s up!)

Tribeca Watch Repair

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  1. The secret of good writing is rewriting. Here is a case in point. The traffic sign that directs trucks and buses “going to 9A” to stay left and take the other exit and thus avoid Laight Street is still there as one exits the Holland Tunnel. I saw it there yesterday. However, when I asked a Port Authority cop a few weeks back who was parked on the east side of Hudson on Laight Street how he could sit there and allow trucks and buses to continue to exit and roll down Laight Street in defiance of the sign he responded and said that he can’t summons those drivers because of the language deployed in the sign. The language essentially specifies that only trucks and buses “looking to use 9A” are to be diverted away from Laight Street. He stated that he can’t tell if those buses and trucks were going to turn south on Greenwich or north on Washington and thus not use 9A (West Street). Someone needs to inform the Port Authority to change the language of the sign to be less ambiguous so it reads all trucks and buses must exit to the left (and not on Laight Street) and then the police can enforce that language without ambiguity.

  2. This Laight st issue has been ongoing for a while. The local precinct states that it does not have the staff to ticket theses buses and trucks. Also, the precinct stated that if they ticket, they would block up more traffic. The first precint also suggested that the NYNJ Port Authority have an office near the Rotary of The Holland Tunnel at Exit 1 to monitor that buses and trucks during Rush hour, so that they don’t ignore the signs.
    Seems like nobody wants to take responsibility!!
    They need to change the sign, have a traffic cop at Hudson and Laight,and local police located at Laight just past Washington to give out summonses.
    We need more resident support to call the community board and attend local precinct monthly meetings.