Seen & Heard: 56 Leonard Is Getting Glassed

56 Leonard 71014••• 56 Leonard is getting glassed—and losing a bit of the magic in the process…?

••• Delivery-only sandwich company Revolution Sandwich (based at M1-5 on Walker, as you may recall), has launched. It has the questionable edgy Twitter handle @revoltsandwich. Pictured at left: Moroccan spiced lamb meatballs, tomato coulis, saffron and preserved lemon aioli, on baguette.

••• Washington Market Tavern (at 41 Murray) will open on July 21.

••• “I asked the guys at Kim’s Cleaners and they said everyone in that strip has to move but it won’t be until the end of the year,” commented Strollerless Tribeca Hottie about the storefronts in the upper part of Independence Plaza North. “Exact date TBD.” That means Tribeca Pizza, the nail salon, Peace & Love, and Tribeca Deli….

••• “At the request and urging of many residents on Laight St., the DOT and the Port Authority finally put up signs notifying trucks and buses to use Exit 2 instead of Laight St. as a thruway to West St.” emailed Neil. “And we still see many buses (many Academy Buses) and trucks not following these regulations. So now we need the help of the police to enforce these regulations. Can you help us?” I responded that I doubted the NYPD was reading this, but I’d certainly post it, and that they should try the First Precinct Community Council.

••• I peeked inside Añejo (Mexican restaurant) and Baked (Red Hook bakery with sandwiches), both in the works on Church, and they don’t look close to opening this month, as each had hoped.

••• “Great news!” tweeted the Battery Conservancy. “A new path opened from State St, around the eastern side of The Battery Oval all the way to Castle Clinton! Happy walking!”

••• “Thanks for posting the info on 84 Walker,” emailed Tommy Flynn. “I really enjoyed the article and the history of the building. Here is the original listing from the Village Voice when I moved there in 1976 and lived there till 1985.” Read it and weep.

84 Walker ad from Tommy Flynn

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  1. I’m more interested in “free rent for woman in exchange to buying/cooking dinner for busy exec.” This raises so many questions I don’t know where to start!

    • Me, too! I also love that one’s sun sign was an important factor in finding a roommate.

      @Tommy Flynn: thank you for saving and sharing that little piece of nostalgia.

    • these ads were super common in the voice through to the late ’80s….most were gentlemen looking for “companions” who wanted free rent.