Seen & Heard: Embezzlement at Downtown Little League

••• It’s an attempted steal at Downtown Little League! And…. they’re…. out! (Anyone know how much money we’re talking about?) UPDATE: Just got an anonymous voicemail saying the amount is $75K and the DLL is not pressing criminal charges. No clue if it’s true.

Downtown Little League••• Terra papered its windows and posted a sign saying it was closing “tonight due to unforeseen circumstances”—which, given the spate of recent closures around here, caused some alarm. But the owners say the building needed a new sprinkler system and the restaurant will be back open by Saturday night.

••• The Chipotle on Murray, meanwhile, was “closed for repairment” yesterday. When I walked by this morning, however, the sign was gone and workers were inside. So I think you’ll once again be able to get your mouth around one of those big lukewarm burritos.

••• From Community Board 1: “The Seaport/Civic Center Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 17 has been moved from 49-51 Chambers Street to the Southbridge Towers Community Room at 90 Beekman Street.”

••• Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates at 147 Duane has moved to 305 Broadway. That’s a pretty juice storefront, and there’s no “for rent” sign…. Anyone know if something is coming?

147 Duane



  1. I wonder if this has anything to do with Sheldon Silver investigation. Timing is just very curious.

  2. I had a reservation at Terra this week and they told me that a pipe broke and flooded the kitchen. Interesting that they said sprinkler…

  3. Does anyone know if Terra reopened this weekend? It’s strange that they would cover up all their windows to fix sprinklers/pipes. Sounds fishy.