More on the Los Americanos Replacement

I spotted signage this morning at 305 Church (northeast corner of Walker), the former site of Los Americanos, Pane Panelle, Stuzzicheria, and Province. The new establishment is called Belle Reve, Franglais for “beautiful dream.”

The website isn’t live yet, and I’ve reached out in the hope of learning more (i.e., a menu). [UPDATE: The menu came in. Click it to view it larger.] Poking around a bit online, however, turns up the news that Belle Reve is open, and that it’s referring to itself as a “Bar & Restaurant with live music & spirited atmosphere!” (“Come on down for some light eating and heavy drinking!” says a Facebook post from Friday. To be fair, that could be because the kitchen isn’t up to full speed yet.) As for the music, Community Board 1 told owner Patrick Fahey—also of Macao Trading Co.—that it was fine with unamplified music because “you evidently need a cabaret license to have more than three musicians play, and the place only seats 35.” (Quote is from December’s CB1 Unofficial Minutes.)

No word on whether the this lovely lady was amplified and/or part of the band.

courtesy Belle Reve



  1. You forgot formerly Burrito Bar!

  2. RIP Los Americanos. The only place I believe in NYC where you could buy Coca Tea. Quite liked that place.