Seen & Heard: Sweetie Is Back at Home

••• Sweetie, the lost dog, was found hiding under a car at Hudson and Worth, and the owner is very grateful for everyone’s help. The back story, by the way: “I slipped on the ice and fell and my rescue from Puerto Rico ran across Greenwich St. down Duane. Two people chased her and she headed North on Hudson with her leash dragging. She was not microchipped—I just got her a few weeks ago and was giving her a little time (yes, stupid).” I’d call it unlucky rather than stupid. But if you haven’t had your dog microchipped, do it!

••• Also found: a ring outside Whole Foods, by a reader. Email identifying info to and I’ll put you in touch.

••• Tickets are on sale for the The Event 2015, benefiting Church Street School for Music and Art and “kicking off its 25th anniversary year.” The “artist chairs” are Harvey Keitel and Daphna Kastner. and the event includes “a silent and live auction, dancing, and a special guest performance by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and guitarist, KT Tunstall.”

••• I received a marvelous email the other day from Barbara Derderian. I didn’t post it right away because I was hoping she might be able to send an old photo or two, but I just can’t wait any longer. (Still hoping she does!) The corner in question is where Sweetgreen is now; and the post of 80s pix by Yvonne Babineaux, where the photo originally ran, is here, and the then-and-now comparisons are here. Without further ado, Barbara’s email….

Somehow happened upon Studio 54 pics which led me to further investigate my old stomping grounds, so I looked up Area and somehow ended up on your site. And there, as big and bold as ever, was my black and white tiled restaurant!  The name was Manhattan South, it was on the corner of Hubert and Greenwich (413 Greenwich), and was open from ’83 -’85.

We had a great write-up in the Times, live music on weekends, were featured in outdoor ads, magazines, and had a nice little spot on “Miami Vice.”

My ex-husband was the chef…. It was the one thing he did magnificently. Different menu every night (depending on what we picked up at Fulton), his own twist on classic American dishes, one of the first to serve sweet potato fries, lots of fun pairing sugarcane, fruits and fish, and a kick-ass stuffed French toast for Sunday brunch.

I lived in the dog building at IPN. We had a beautiful Akita! I remember one of my friends lived in a loft and we had to yell up to her window so she could throw down the keys…. I know I’ve got pics of the restaurant and I’m sure of the neighborhood. Will have to take a look.

Living in Arizona  for 20 years…. So painful to go back and see what’s happened. There’s barely a connection any more. It used to be so wonderful! And, I am pleased, as so many of us are, that we survived the 80’s and live to talk about it.

Those were some crazy fucking days! Thanks for the memories!



  1. We just got a recorded call about Sweetie — has she gone off again?

  2. Actually the black and white tiled restaurant was originally called Einstein’s.

  3. Used to go there just for the sweet potato fries!