A New Nineteen-Story Condo Is Coming to Broadway

351-357 Broadway mapThe Real Deal confirms what we guessed in October: 351 Broadway (between Franklin and Leonard, where New Fancy Food deli was) and 353-355 Broadway (JEM Fabrics, Cafe Boca Ciega, et al) are going to be torn down. The new owner is Toll Brothers City Living, which “is planning to bring 98 condominiums to the site [….] The 19-story building will span 193,000 square feet.” (Not sure what’s happening with the dog leg that leads to Leonard.)

Nineteen stories¬†presumably means someone sold some air rights; that’s one story shorter than Franklin Place, a block to the north, and two stories shorter than 88 Leonard to the south.



  1. Well its official: Tribeca is The New UES. Sad to see the neighborhood dismantled. Curious where all the children who will undoubtedly come to live in these new apts will be going to school.

  2. Mayor DeBlasio f’ing up the city some more to fund his affordable housing mission!

  3. thousands of new units, but no city planning to accompany the growth. Doesn’t matter. Unrestrained development is king. Legacy of Bloomberg’s faith in residential market forces being unleashed.